Share the economic era, get the platform, get the world!

Share the economic era, get the platform, get the world!

Share the economic era, get the platform, get the world!

When e-commerce emerged, we were questioning whether a group of “brick homes” could predict when the wind of e-commerce could be scraped away. When Taobao, Jack Ma, and Alipay were familiar with the term, the earliest merchants earned a lot of money, we were dumbfounded.

In the eyes of ubers, we are still skeptical that many masters of the division are very exclusive of this software and refuse to use it. However, the earliest joiners really tasted the sweetness.

Opportunity is before your eyes

Hug or miss

At the same time, platforms such as ofo, Mobike, lived home, and home meal have all been questioned, but they quickly occupied the market with surging momentum and marked the official arrival of the era of sharing economy.

In the past time, "Glory Mall" was swiped in a circle of friends. Its unique "SE sharing economy + O2O" model has pushed the sharing economy to a new height and has become a topic of discussion among industry insiders. This time you are To embrace, or continue to miss it?

The next decade is an era of sharing economy

With the development of Internet technology and the increasingly mature social network ecosystem, the new business trend of sharing economy has grown quickly, and many sharing platforms have mushroomed. At present, the business model of sharing economy has infiltrated all kinds of industries from consumption to Production, effectively promoting this traditional industry innovation and transformation and upgrading. The new economic shape affects all aspects of people's lives, subverts the old thinking model, and will inevitably bring about tremendous changes in the commercial field.

Break through the limitations of traditional economy and build a win-win system

The rapid economy and development of the sharing economy is not accidental. Along with the development of economic level, consumption has become increasingly diversified and segmented. The traditional extensive economic model has been unable to complete the efficient allocation of resources. The sharing economy is effectively Adjust the demand for supply and demand, rationalize the idle resources, and better meeting the needs of differentiation. At the same time, the sharing economy has formed a brand new social trust system through the Internet, and has subverted the development of traditional industry forms Through community and sharing.

This model subverts the traditional straight-line economic model, replacing the straight-line economy with a circular economy, transforming people’s daily consumption into a kind of capital accumulation.

Jiale Mall is worthy of you to understand and operate, so that many ordinary people and small people are successful here!

Jia Le Mall has ushered in the best period of gold development, and where are you?

Let worry continue to worry,

Let scared continue to fear,

Let money continue to make money,

Never ask a cyclist, BMW can't do it. Always remember: There are only two ways to understand an industry, either you try it yourself, or you ask people who are successful in this industry, remember not to ask failed and irrelevant people, and choose not to work hard!